To be fleeing


Currently BIRCA, as part of Iceland Connect project, are hosting the two beautiful clowns from Ibiza: Monma and David from the company Clownidoscopio. The two mimic clowns are here to create a new performance together with the Danish theater director from Limfjord Theater Gitta Malling. Together they work with the feeling of being refugees in an upcoming show for children. David is on the run and has no place to be, Monma, on the other hand, is bound to the 9th generation family apple plantation and longs to get away. How do we understand each other? How can we imagine what it’s like to be the other? It’s fun, physical and without using a word, they convey a large register of emotions to us.


At the same time, the Danish performer and director Eja Due from Theater Bæst is working together with the Iranian musician and composer Tin Soheili – also with the thematic refugee. They are investigating personal stories of escape to find similarities and differences in the sense of escape, whether physical or internally, from the things we do not want to carry on with us in life. For Tin escaped is a concrete memory he brought with him from Iran, for Eja escape is a more subtle sense of wanting to go away and wanted something else. During their residency they will exchange their stories with refugees on Bornholm to open up all the great stories people carry with them, thus developing material for the performance.


BIRCA together with the artists is inviting everybody interested for a small display of their work-in-progress Wednesday 9th of May at 19. Here you can see what they have worked with and be in dialogue with the artists about their studies of their theme of escape and have a cup of coffee.


At the end of June, both groups will continue working on the projects in the residency at BIRCA’s partner in Mallorca C.IN.E, and later in the year, the performances will be played in Majorca and in Denmark.