Summer courses at BIRCA

IT is time for BIRCA now ….

CPH Stage, our big Danish festival, with all its business has ended – and summer is on its way. For me, this it means time on BIRCA on Bornholm. And now you also have the opportunity to come over here, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the magic of Bornholm and at the same time gain knowledge. We offer 5 different courses from late July to late August – and I hope you would choose to participate in one of them.


Much of my time this spring has been spend making BIRCA ready for YOU – good happy times with family, friends and colleagues – everyone has helped paint, clean, arrange the garden and run stuff to the dump – so the place and us are ready for you.


Bookings are beginning to roll in and artists have begun to work at BIRCA. I also have some interesting meeting here in June with partners from Gozo and Mallorca – we aspire to making an Island-Residency collaboration!


What I’m really proud of, however, is that we can already present 5 workshops this year! These are open for you to participate in – and I hope that some of it can catch your interest and lure you to Bornholm. You can learn Lucid Dreaming with hello!earth, butoh with Anita Saij, work with your art in nature, also under the leadership of Anita, and/or go to the yoga workshop. In addition, I have made a new course for performer artists and producers. I am honored to get 4 of my best European colleagues to be co-mentors in this program – Yohann Floch, Marie Le Sourd, Chrissie Faniadis and Pia Buchardt.¬† It has become a course I really want to attend myself. This program is great for people who want to expand their work internationally by being more strategic and precise. Read more details about all these activities on this link. Note that you can combine the courses and stay at BIRCA for a long time – then of course there will be a discount.


I have been enriched and blessed by being allowed to take over Bækkelund and start BIRCA. Now we are creating a vibrant and creative place for everyone. Hope you will join.