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BIRCA is a laboratory for the new ecological performing arts, located in the middle of nature and fields on the island of Bornholm.


Here artists get the opportunity to research and develop their ideas and projects, while we actively support investigative and co-creative approaches to the artistic processes through discussion and facilitation. This study is carried out in close dialogue with the surrounding community and with an eye to the local identity and nature on Bornholm. By embracing BIRCA’s natural surroundings, we want to create a vision for an ecological future that allows for connectedness, generosity and curiosity. We work in depth with creative processes, and we address the dynamic connection between the ecological systems of the environment, the social and the mental.


BIRCA focuses on how the performing arts can act in relation to the climate and biodiversity crisis we find ourselves in. We work to create and support a radical new performing arts that takes on an active and interactive role in relation to the ecological challenges of world society, and who, through strong artistic expressions and interventions, contribute to creating visions for a future where we can live in harmony with the nature we are part of. It is a performance art that is created with a limited negative impact on the world’s nature and with care for all species and life forms on the planet. The artists who apply for residencies at BIRCA are concerned with investigating the living conditions of the species and are focused on creating universal well-being. They do this through an organic, sensuous and sensorially present stage art, which must create a deeper resonance in those who encounter it.



Bolbyvej 7

3782 Klemensker

Bornholm, Denmark


+45 20 72 28 29

VAT DK39975734