BIRCA Queer participants found

We received 80 applications for the BIRCA Queer call. It was truly invigorating for us to witness the richness and depth which were so clearly featured in all the applications. The reviewing and selection process were both inspiring but also challenging. The process has raised many nuanced questions about queerness, artistic practice and curation. We feel truly honoured to have read all the stories and ideas of these queer artists.

In the process we considered the individual application, the individual artist and the broader context of their practice, the relevance of the proposed idea to the specificities of BIRCA Queer and the foreseen dynamic between the selected cohort. With all of that being considered, we are happy to announce the five artists selected:

Kat Staub – Germany/Denmark

Phillip Adams – Australia

Priiya Prethora – India

Tizo All – Germany/Brazil

Viljar Irtun Moe – Denmark/Norway

The five artists who were selected vary in their queer experiences, their artistic practices, their usual context for work and creation, as well as age and life experience. 

We look forward to this first edition of the BIRCA Queer residency taking place on Bornholm 19/6-2/7-23, and we will make sure that the process, the exchange that it will encompass and its outcome will be shared publicly in some way – so everyone interested will be able to follow it. Just make sure to follow BIRCA’s facebook or sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

The vast interest in this residency and the large number of applicants encourage us to ensure that BIRCA Queer will happen again next year so stay tuned. This year it is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.

Much appreciation

Israel Aloni and Susanne Danig, who made the selection this year