Are you ready to undfold your potential?

I make an effort to be the best version of myself every day. The version that sees other people and supports their way in life. The version that does not cause unnecessary noise in the world. That supports my surroundings. A person to deserve trust. A person that adds something new to the world.


I make my morning rituals, do my exercise (tennis, yoga, walking) – and I make sure to learn somethings new. I’m a curious person, and I’m constantly caught up with new things – which I really love. So when I recently saw a webinar that challenged one to study something new 20 minutes every day, I was not late to jump on it – and now sends the challenge forward:


Read in a book, listen to a podcast, watch exciting videos every day for at least 20 minutes.


You keep your mind buzzing, but it’s actually also one of the most important tricks of high paid CEOs. We need new learning more than we need news 24/7. So I am currently in the process of studying Michael Beckwith and Brendon Burchard again – Brendon’s High Performance learning is really useful, and I’ll get back to this later. And I’m studying theoretical books on Artistic Entrepreneurship, my new favorite subject. On my nightstand lays a book on Shamanism – looking forward to getting more reading time at Easter.


Michael Beckwith had a nice little course at Mindvalley (a good learning platform that I would recommend) to create a worthy vision for one’s self. Here he introduced two ways to learn Kensho (slow learning and change) and Satori (sudden leap of learning). Kensho is, therefore, this daily discipline to make an effort to develop oneself. I practice this – but at the same time I also know that I have experienced Satori the most – the sudden insight that has changed my way of being in the world. And most of the time this has happened, when I’ve given myself the time to go away for a course/workshop – to a new place where you could really focus and open up with other people around. Courses you leave in high spirit with a feeling of going home to conquer the world.


Such some courses I would love to host and facilitate! Courses that really makes a difference, where the participants open their eyes to the world around them and create change!


BIRCA is an important part of this vision – now I have the place and the opportunity to create things just as I wish. At the same time, I just started a journey together with Swedish Sofie Haag to investigate artistic entrepreneurship and develop tools to support visionary and sustainable artistic companies (I will return to her and this project).


We now launch the first step in this journey: our joint Capacity Building Workshop for artistic entrepreneurs at BIRCA, where you can also meet Pia Buchardt and other international experts. If you want to join from the start and help us do our best to develop the ultimative course for artistic entrepreneurs, you have the chance here in May. We are preparing a new workshop 29/8-2/9 and plan to develop the concept in the next years.


Capacity Building Workshop for artistic entreprenuers with Susanne Danig, Sofie Haag and Pia Buchardt

Do you dream about really unfolding your true potential? Do you have a feeling, that you have more to give, but don’t know how to move to the next level? Then join this intensive 5-day course where you get the opportunity to find peace and sight, connect with your real purpose, get new learning and create a plan for your new life together with other beautiful people. The course is for artistic / administrative leaders (you are welcome as a team) and self-producing performing artists, and it takes place in the beautiful nature of Bornholm. Get personal and strategic tools, find flow and visions – get networks and a business plan home.


The workshop will be directed by BIRCAs director, mentor and international theatre producer Susanne Danig/DK in collaboration with business consultant, producer and promoter Sofie Haag/SE and cultural coach and innovator Pia Buchardt/DK, with guest teachers Yohann Floch from the FACE network and more specialists.

Price: 670 € Incl. lodging and food. Early bird to 1/5-18: 540 €.

For more information on the workshop see here

Sign up via this link


I really hope that you will take the chance – or give yourself the chance – and come on this journey with us – we have kept the price very low this year to get started. If you’d like to see what others have gained from participating in my processes and visiting BIRCA, I’ve made a small testimonial list below. And Sofie – yes, it’s really an honor for me that a capacity like her wants to share my vision – she is an expert in both entrepreneurship and branding/communication with the main focus on music drama/opera where she has made major events in London. You can look forward to meeting her!


If you are curious about what this BIRCA is, and what we can help you with check out our webpage – we welcome artists from all over the world. You can also book a room and a rehearsal space at our beautiful place and we will rejoice in recieving you all summer from May 1st to September 30th.